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About the European Huntington Disease Association

Aims of the Association

  1. By standing together we will share the burden and face the challenges.
  2. We will learn from each other and support development of services all over Europe.
  3. We will be a strong partner in joint efforts with authorities, researchers and industry to find treatment for HD.
  4. We will be a strong and clear voice and be heard where ever needed.
  5. We will be authentic and promote dignity and respect for everybody and in all relations.
  6. We will always be curious and move ever forward, as long as we can breathe – we call it hope.

Objectives of the Association

  1. To build relationships among the Huntington Disease communities across borders
  2. To increase knowlegde and understanding about Huntingtons Disease and thereby  increase empathy and ability.
  3. To promote stronger partnership between professionals and the lay community.
  4. To coordinate the lay community and thereby enable ourselves to act more efficient and speed up development of services and research.
  5. To collaborate with the best scientists in the world and promote fruitful dialogue between the professionals and the people affected by HD.
  6. To promote openness and information about the disease and fight fear, shame and stigma.