Adopted at the business meeting of the European Huntington Association held at Boldern, Zurich, Switzerland on the 22nd of September 2002. Signed  by Asuncion Martinez, then president of EHA.



The name of the organisation is The European Huntington Association


The European Huntington Association (EHA) is aNon-profit Association of voluntary/lay Huntington’s Disease (HD) organisations which share a concern for individuals and families affected by HD;

Its primary aims are to :

a) Facilitate the communication of ideas and information relating to the care of HD families;

b) Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the lay organisations and professionals;

c) Encourage co-operation of all kinds within the European lay HD community and with the professional sector;

d) To co-operate, where applicable, with European Health agencies and organisations and other statutory bodies;

e) Be a European reference point and forum in all matters relating to HD and,  where appropriate, to appoint sub-committees and/or study groups to that end;

f) To co-operate and work in partnership with the International Huntington Association (IHA).


The EHA shall take upon itself such powers as are necessary for the fulfillment of its aims.


a) Membership of the EHA is open to HD organisations in any European country provided that such organisations are legally constituted subject to the legal requirements of their respective countries.

b) Where more than one HD organisation exists within a single country membership will only be open to those that serve a clearly defined geographic area or a clearly defined ethnic  and/or linguistic population within that country. No other factors e.g. prior existence will be taken into account and the EHA will not involve itself in any dispute in other than in an advisory role.

c) Application  for membership is to the Executive Board of the EHA. Such applications to be ratified at the Business Meeting of the EHA following application.

d) There shall be an annual subscription with recommendations as to the amount to be made periodically by the Business Meeting. Member organisations may pay whatever portion of the recommended amount that their financial situation allows.

e) Member Countries or Organisations may be suspended or disqualified from membership of the EHA if they act in a manner which contravenes the aims of the EHA as here set out. Any action take in this respect by the Executive Board may be appealed to, and must be ratified by, the next Business Meeting of the EHA.


a) The EHA is to be governed by an Executive Board elected by members at each Business Meeting. The Executive Board shall consist of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to three Members-at-Marge. All posts are Honorary.

b) The Executive Board is empowered to act at its own discretion in dealing with Business of the EHA between one Business Meeting and the next.

c) One half of the Members of the Executive Board are to retire at each Business Meeting but are eligible for re-election. However no member may serve more than three (3) consecutive two (2) years terms.

d) Any member Country with voting rights may nominate individuals for election to the Board. Such nominations to be in writing and with the Secretary of the EHA by the second day of the conference. The Board may put forward nominations at any time up to the commencement of the Business Meeting.

e) Members elected to the Executive Board shall count as one of the voting delegates from their own country.

f) The EHA will not be responsible for travel or accommodation expenses of conference delegates or Board Members. However, discretionary grants may be made by the Board to assist new developing organisations with conference expenses.


a) Members Countries may nominate two Voting Delegates to attend each EHA Conference and Business Meeting. Where two or more organisations from any one Country have satisfied the requirements of Section 4 (i) and been accepted as members of the EHA, the Organisations concerned will share that Country’s two votes.

b) Voting is by simple majority vote except that a two thirds majority will be required to effect any change in the constitution. In event of an indeterminate vote each delegate or Country will be polled and the votes tallied by an acceptable scrutineer.

c) Voting Delegates who have to leave prior to the Business Meeting may leave their Country’s proxy vote/s with the Secretary of the EHA;


I) Conference

a)The EHA shall meet in conference every two years. Such meetings to alternate with those of the International Huntington Association (IHA)

b) Conferences are to be organised by the E.H.A Board and host country. The EHA Board may invite speakers and participants at their discretion and do not need the consent of that individual’s Association.

c) The numbers attending from each organisation will consist of up to two (2) Delegates plus a number of Observers, (normally one (1) or two (2), as is determined by availability or accommodation, costings etc.

d) The Board and/or host nation may allow the attendance of extra Observers where an Organisation’s Delegate/s are also members of the Board or are other recognised Officials of the EHA or  IHA

II) Business Meeting

a) At the end of each conference there shall be a business meeting.

b) A formal written record will be made of the business meeting and circulated to all member organisations as soon as practicable in any case not more than six (6) months thereafter

c) Any member Organisation may submit a resolution to the Business meeting or make a request for a subject to be debated. Notification of such resolutions and request to be with the Secretary of the EHA  three months prior to conference and circulated in the form of  a Draft Agenda to all members organisations no later than one month before that time. Late items will only added at the Board’s discretion of with the approval of the Business meeting.

d) Non voting delegates may also attend the Business Meeting, subject to available space, and may participate in the debate if invited to do so by the Chair.

Note! Please note that the constitution will be revised in 2017 due to the new registration of the European Huntington Association in Norway.