There is an old saying: «When in Rome, do as the Romans do». The 18th of May, the European Huntington Association (EHA) travelled to Rome. More accurate: to the Vatican. Watch the video below!

On this beautiful day in May, six of our eight board members walked eagerly through the streets of the ancient city – and so did almost 2000 others. Hours later the crowd stood only a few meters away from Pope Francis and his message: that Huntington’s disease should be hidden no more.

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Behind the event was a coalition of Huntington’s disease (HD) advocates that formed HDdennomore (‘Hidden no more’). The aim was to raise awareness around HD – and to eventually end the stigma that often follow with the disease.

So did EHA «do as the Romans do»? We did at least as the Pope said: «When in Rome, let HD be hidden no more». And we encourage everyone else to do the same.