This summer the European Huntington Association wants to create awareness around Huntington’s disease. And we want to do it in a positive and fun way.  

For many years the benefits of physical activity in Huntington’s disease (HD) mice has been known. Lately there has been performed several clinical trials with HD affected. Physical activity is the most efficient “pill” for HD known today. So wouldn’t it be great to combine treatment with awareness?

With these two aspects in mind, we encourage all our friends and members to accompany our team in a biking race. We will participate as Huntingtonians United under the slogan HD on the Bike.

The race will be taking place August 18. 2018, in The Ardennes (located between France, Belgium and Luxembourg). It is called Les Géants des Ardennes and is organized in three stages:

  1. 80 km
  2. 112 km
  3. 153 km

Each and every one of you can participate as a member on our team. Join our Facebook group to share training practices, get more information about the race, how to register etc.

Join HD on the Bike to create awareness!