More positive data from the Ionis/Roche trial released today

Today Ionis and Roche have announced more details from the Huntingtin lowering trial.  The initial results was released in December last year and today at the CHDI conference in Palm Springs, more details from the trial results was presented.  The drug formely called IONIS-HTTRx  will from now on be named RG6042.  The drug was given to 34 patients in early phase of HD over a period of 13 weeks.  12 participants got the placebo treatment.  The results released today shows that participants on the highest dosages had a considerable reduction of mutant Huntingtin expressed in the spinal fluid.  These results are very exciting and confirms what we hoped for after the first release of the positive results in December, says president of EHA, Astri Arnesen and continues: It’s very inspiring to listen to Anne Smith from Ionis present the journey of this project from its early beginning in 2005 and uptil today and then have professor Sarah Tabrizi present the exciting results from the clincial study.  From what we have learned in animal studies we have good reason to believe that the reduction of mutant huntingtin we see in this trial, will have beneficial effect for patients.  For more information read the community statment here.