May is Huntington Disease Awareness Month

Over the last years, May have been Huntington Disease Awareness Month. Thanks to the Huntington Society of Canada buildings, monuments and statues has been lit up in blue and purple to raise awareness for Juvenile HD (in purple) and HD (in blue).

Light up your home and share your photos on social media using #LightItUp4HD.

Hidden no more

Last May Pope Francis gathered almost 2000 people affected by Huntington’s Disease in the Vatican. It is the largest global gathering of the Huntington’s Disease community.

The event came to life thanks to a coalition of HD advocates. They formed the HDdennomore (“Hidden no more”) initiative with the aim to raise awareness around HD – and to eventually end the stigma that often follow with the disease.

– May none of you ever feel you are alone. May none of you feel you are a burden. May no one ever feel the need to run away, Pope Francis then told the crowd.

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