Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization needs you!

HDYO is looking to hold a review meeting on the future direction of the Young Adult Working Group of EHDN at the conference in Vienna in Sept.

The proposal is to change the direction of the Young Adult Working Group to be focused on Young People and Research.  This will take many forms including:

  • How YAWG members can contribute to a range of research projects,
  • YAWG members working with others to create research studies,
  • Review current opportunities available for young people & YAWG members,
  • How YAWG members can work to encourage and support more young people to participate in research for HD worldwide.

The review meeting will be held on Sat 15th Sept at lunchtime but as always you are welcome to participate in the full conference programme which this year has dedicated sessions for young people.

To help HDYO plan the structure of the meeting they have composed a short questionnaire to gather your interest, availability, ideas and contributions.  They want to ensure that the Young Adults Working Group continues to deliver a vital voice within EHDN and the wider HD community.

Please complete the YAWG Survey and they will be in touch with those who wish to attend the meeting in due course.

Surveys need to completed by 31st July 2018.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with for more information