December 1st 2018, the first Huntington association for young people in Italy was presented at the LIRH Foundation Annual Conference In Rome. Their goal is to raise awareness and enhance collaboration across borders. 

The Italian Youth Huntington’s Disease (HD) Network Association – or just simply NOI Huntington – was created to promote connections between family members from 15 to 35 years of age.

Their aim is to raise awareness among adolescents and young adults and to spread more knowledge about the disease, research, challenges and coping strategies.

NOI Huntington is entirely administered by young people affected by Huntington’s.

— We are boys and girls who want to break down the walls that separate us from ‘the others’ by making us suffering for the mere fact of being patients, people at-risk or family members of HD affected, the newly elected President, Marco Salvadori (28), stated.


The Italian youth association is eager to collaborate with other national and international Huntington associations and youths across the globe.

Marco Salvadori stated that NOI Huntington reach out a hand regardless of geographical location, religion, political views, gender or sexual orientation:

— Because Huntington’s Disease doesn’t make any difference and affects people without any distinction.

Facebook: NOI Huntington