Precision HD trial update

The exciting trials Precision HD 1 and 2, continue to enroll participants. Wave Life Sciences expect to share the first results by the end of 2019.

In the Huntingtin lowering trials, Wave Life Sciences only target the mutant Huntingtin protein. This is a completely unique approach. 

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The initial timelines have been delayed by some months due to infrastructural challenges. In this complex study it has taken some extra time to get everything prepared in the best possible way.

Enrollment will now be speeded up and Wave’s ambition is to share the first clinical data form the trial by the end of 2019. In Europe 3 clinics are recruiting participants.

Read Wave’s message here.

In Poland Szpital Sw. Wojciecha in Gdansk, principal Investigator is Jaroslaw Slawek, MD and Instytut Psychiatrii i Neurologii in Warwaw, principal investigator is Grzegorz Witkowski, MD.

In Scotland Queen Elizabeth University Hospital – PPDS in Glasgow, principal investigator is Stuart Richie, MD.