Exhibit your pictures during our conference!

Do you have a camera? Or maybe a friend that has one? Take part in our photo exhibition during our conference! We want people to see the many faces of Huntington’s disease!

Everyone that’s affected by Huntington’s disease can participate:

If you are a family member of someone with the disease, if you are affected yourself or if you work with Huntington’s. Show a glimpse of your life to other people in the community!

How can you participate?

1) Take a photo of something related to your life and/or Huntington’s disease.
2) Write a short text about something you want people to know about the disease.
3) Send your photo and text to info@eurohuntington.org and explain in a few words your relation to Huntington’s disease.
4) Win a prize – if you’re lucky!

The winner will be announced during our EHA Conference in Bucharest October 4-6.

Deadline: September 1