2019 ends with exciting results from Wave PRECISION-HD2 trial!

Today, December 30, Wave announced the first preliminary results from the their study PRECISION-HD2 . So far the results are very exciting and promising.

It’s very encouraging to enter a new year with such exciting news from Wave. I look forward with optimism to the next steps in these trials.

Astri Arnesen, President EHA

In PRECISION-HD2 Wave aims to reduce only the muntant Huntingtin (mHTT) which is causing the disease and leave the wild type Huntingtin (wHTT) unaffected. The results so far shows that the drug was well tolerated and safe when the participants were given up to four injections. And most importantly; the patients who got the active drug showed a reduced level of mHTT in their spinal fluid, compared to the ones who was given placebo.

Basically this means that higher dosage seems to cause more reduction of mHTT. An important next step is to find the “perfect” dosing. Therefore Wave has decided, already from January 2020, to add one more group in the study where the participants will be given a dosage of 32 mg.

Learn more: Unpacking Wave’s Trial (from HDBuzz.net)

The people in the study already have received placebo or active drug dosage of 2,4,8 or 16 mg. Curios and want more information?

Read the Wave press release and the community letter!