1.000 KM for Huntington’s Disease

Two years ago, Jeroen De Schepper cycled 10.000 km for Huntington’s Disease. He then helped arrange ‘HD on the BIKE’ in Belgium together with the European Huntington Association. During Awareness Month, he will cycle 1.000 km to raise awareness. 

Picture: Jeroen De Schepper to the left.

– What is your connection to ‘HD on the BIKE’?  

– I live in Belgium and my aunt Bea De Schepper (former president of the European Huntington Association) is the only one of 4 sisters who does not have the Huntington’s disease. My father was also free and with that luck all of my brothers ans sisters live without HD. 

Because of making a big trip for HD – crosscountry4huntington – I was asked by Bea and Astri to help arranging ‘HD on the BIKE’ in Belgium, in 2018. We cycled together with people from Belgium, Poland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and USA in the Ardennes. 

Last year I could not join ‘HD on the BIKE’ in Germany. And this year, because of the Corona situation, I asked people I knew if they wanted to cycle in ‘HD on the BIKE’ jerseys and share the photos to raise awareness for HD during May. 

At the moment, more than 30 people are biking for HD around Europe. 

– How many kilometre have you cycled so far for HD during awareness month? 

– I have already cycled 12 rides and 830 kilometers in May. 

– Do you have a final kilometre-goal? 

– I want to bike more than 1.000 km during May. Maybe even reach 1200 km.

– Why do you think biking is a good way of raising awareness? 

– It’s a positive we to feel connected and biking is a good way to share that positive vibe.

– Will you join the big ‘HD on the MOVE’ day 30thof May? 

– I certainly will and hopefully with 3 friends.

Join our facebook event here:The Big ‘HD on the MOVE’ day