Since Dr. Michael Hayden left his previous job in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, he has wanted to finalize the project Teva decided to terminate late 2017 – the Pridopidine clinical trial.  In the last couple of years Dr Hayden has established the company Prilena and taken over the rights to Pridopidine. 

Yesterday Prilenia announced that they have been able to secure funding to do a phase 3 clinical trial in HD with Pridopidine.  The study will be done in North America and Europe with several hundred participants.  It is still not decided in which countries in Europe the trial will be conducted. 

Pridopidine has a long history in HD and many of you will know it as ACR16 or Huntexil. 


-We are very happy that the drug will be tested in a new trial as we see a need to confirm whether the drug is of benefit for patients or not, says Astri Arnesen, President of EHA.
Astri Arnesen
President of EHA