Generation HD1 – what does the data tell us?


Monday January 24th ,
6 pm Central European time

After several months digging into all the information collected in the Generation HD1 trial Roche is ready tell us about their findings in a webinar organized by EHA in collaboration with Roche and EHDN.

Lauren Boak, PhD and Peter McColgan, MD, PhD from Roche will present the key findings from the Generation HD1 trial and the Tominersen program. Prof Anne Rosser, chair of EHDN, is participating in the following Q&A session and will help us understand the value of the findings and how we can make use of them for future work.

The presentations will be in lay language and easy to understand for all of us non-scientists and academics.

  • When:  Monday January 24th , 6 pm Central European time
  • Where : on Zoom