'Abandonment' may take different forms and faces

Intentionally or unintentionally, we often abandon places, objects, humans or ourselves.

Abandonment becomes even more brutal when it involves a life-changing and mind-changing condition such as Huntington’s Disease. 

For many years, the European Huntington Association (EHA) has met people who found ways to turn their experiences of sorrow and loss into something beautiful, transformative, positive, and full of hope.

And we want to share this with you.

Therefore, the ‘European Huntington Association’ in close collaboration with the ‘European Huntington’s Disease Network – EHDN’ and the ‘Unlocking Sacred Landscapes’ research network, plans to organise a digital photographic exhibition with the theme “Abandonment: From Landscapes to Mindscapes”. This exhibition will be displayed at the next EHDN conference in Bologna (September 2022).

Participate in the exhibition

We need your photos and creativity this year!

Anybody interested in the topic – patients, family members, HD professionals, family friends and the general public – is invited to submit their photos illustrating the topic of “Abandonment: From Landscapes to Mindscapes”. You can submit more than one image (maximum of 2) if you wish.

Selected images will appear on a video that will run throughout the EHDN 2022 conference while an event around the exhibition will take place on the evening of Saturday 17 September.

Please send your image(s) and the following information (preferably in English but other languages are also accepted) no later than 10 July 2022 to communication@eurohuntington.org, including your Full name; Statement saying whether you want to remain anonymous or not; Email address; Country; Title of the Photo; Accompanying text of no more than 50 words.

Some examples

Name: Giorgos Papantoniou

Anonymous: No

Email: papantg@tcd.ie

Country: Cyprus

Title of photo: “Broken”

Accompanying text: The “beauty” of Huntington: Broken but stronger…

Name: Francesco Ripanti

Anonymous: No

Email: fr.ripanti@gmail.com

Country: Italy

Title of photo: “A doorway to another future”

Accompanying text: The abandoned Church of St. Nicholas in Alassa in Cyprus creates unexpected glimpses into the surrounding landscape, modified by the Kouris dam. Submerged memories of the past may help in envisioning different futures.

Anonymous: Yes

Country: Cyprus

Title of photo: kyria Athina

Accompanying text: Τις προάλλες όταν είδα το πορτρέτο μιας όμορφης κοπέλας σκέφτηκα τα πιο κάτω λόγια από το βιβλίο του Καζαντζάκη: “Μονάχα τα μάτια της έλαμπαν, κατάμαυρα, μεγάλα, αγέραστα. Τι όμορφη που θα ‘ταν ετούτη στα νιάτα της…Συλλογιζόμουν και καταριόμουν τη φθορά και τη μοίρα του ανθρώπου.”

Name: Saija Ristolainen-Kotimäki

Anonymous: No

Email: saijark@gmail.com

Country: Finland

Title of photo: “Refuge”

Accompanying text:  A waste water basin of an old abandoned beet sugar factory in Naantali has become a refuge for nesting birds returning from migration in spring. Through my voluntary work in the HD community, I have found a way to channel the sorrow and loss that I have experienced into something positive.

Name: Adamos Papantoniou

Anonymous: No

Email: adamosano82@gmail.com

Country: Cyprus

Title of photo: “We all fall down…”

Accompanying text: Abandoned village, Paramali in Cyprus. Capturing the experience of archaeologists in the landscape, but also how antique monuments and of the recent past demarcate (positively or negatively) collective memories today, can bring us closer to ourselves…and our own experienced abandonments…