Do you have any questions about Huntington’s disease (HD)? Do not hesitate to ask our doctor, Alzbeta Mühlbäck, using the contact form below

HD is a disease that can be quite complicated and sometimes people are left with questions:

“How does it work biologically? What kind of symptoms is normal? My father is about to get sick – is there someone I can talk to? Does any treatment for HD exist?”

If you have any questions about the disease – use the form below.


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Your identity is not required – only an email address to respond to. You are in other words as anonymous as your email address.


All questions are processed confidentially. That is, by being a doctor Alzbeta is professionally bound to secrecy.

Who is Alzbeta Mühlbäck?

Alzbeta Mühlbäck was born in the Slovak Republic, former Czechoslovakia. After obtaining her doctoral degree she started working as a doctor, first in Austria, then in Germany. She currently works as a doctor at the hospital Isar-Amper-Klinikum of Taufkirchen.

Alzbeta is senior resident at a neuropsychiatric department that serves 20 beds for patients with Huntington’s disease. Together with an outpatient HD clinic, the hospital sees around 400 HD cases each year.

The hospital was founded by Prof. Dose in 1992 – a man that became a great inspiration for Alzbeta. – From the very beginning I was very impressed by Prof. Dose and his highly engaged work with HD patients, she says.

The more she got involved in HD, the more she felt related to the patients. Through her work, Alzbeta met people with a lot of questions. Her work and experiences with HD affected is the reason why Alzbeta wants to be the medical counselor for you – and all other members and friends of the European Huntington Association.

You can contact Alzbeta through this form: