6 October 2017

Thank you, Marjorie!

On this day, 6th of October 1917, Marjorie Greenblatt was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For many years she […]

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3 October 2017

  The circumstances for people affected by Huntington’s in Malta are poor. However, the situation might change. This October EHAs […]

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28 September 2017

In September around 250 people gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria. They came from 25 different countries from all over Europe – […]

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19 September 2017

A new coalition to give families a impactful voice

The European Huntington Association (EHA), Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) and Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) are proud to […]

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13 September 2017

Genetic testing and its implications

Alzbeta Mühlbäck was born in the Slovak Republic, former Czechoslovakia. After obtaining her doctoral degree she started working as a […]

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21 August 2017

EHA Conference: Updated program

The 22-24th of September 2017 the European Huntington Association is holding a conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is called Stronger Together […]

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20 August 2017

What do we really want to know?

This spring German scientists wanted to find out how much people liked to know about their future. They also wanted […]

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15 July 2017

Is everyone gone for the summer?

It is summer and all of a sudden it feels like the whole world stops for a second. It is […]

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8 July 2017

Summer news from the HD community

Three times a year the EHDN newsletter appears. Now you can read the summer edition; with latest news from the […]

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26 June 2017

Hidden no more

There is an old saying: «When in Rome, do as the Romans do». The 18th of May, the European Huntington […]

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