Funding Sources

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Sponsor | % of overall organisation’s income

Industry related income (33 %)

Roche Pharma Holding B.V. | 9,1%

Wave Life Sciences | 8,7%

Novartis | 6,7%

Uniqure | 6,4%

Voyager | 2,2%

Non-Industry related income (67 %)

CHDI Foundation | 44%

Huntington ́s Disease Society of America | 10,3%

Griffin Foundation| 9%

Private donations | 3,7%


CHDI foundation is a privately funded non-profit foundation based in the US. They support a huge number of projects and activities in the search for treatment and good care for HD affected. Click here for more information.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America is a non-profit association for HD in US.

Griffin Foundation is a private non-profit family foundation based in the US. They support projects and activities in HD.