HD on the BIKE

Ride with us to raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease!

1st of May 2019 we will participate with our own team at the German race ŠKODA Velotour in Frankfurt to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease.

If you think a bicycle race sounds a bit scary, we promise you: it is not. Bike at your own tempo, rent an electric bike – our goal is to get together and have a lot of fun!

During the race we will ride together as the fantastic team we are. Our only criteria is that you want to tear down the stigma surrounding Huntington’s Disease.

ŠKODA Velotour will take place 1st of May in Frankfurt, Germany. More than 5,000 amateur cyclists will participate.

It is a one-day race and you can choose between three stages:

1) 50 km (250 meters in elevation)

2) 90 km (900 meters in elevation)

3) 105 km (1,200 meters in elevation)

You will receive a very cool HD on the Bike cycling T-shirt to use during the race and in the evening we will arrange for an amazing dinner. This is simply a chance that you can’t miss! 

The Race:



Last year we managed to gather 40 bikers in Liège, Belgium. This year we want to be even more!

Join us!