The rules are simple

1. Sing something from the official
Huntington song North Star – HD 8890

2. Challenge 3 friends

3. Share the video on social media

4. If your friends don’t respond within 24 hours
they have to donate € 20

5. Tag the European Huntington Association and #HuntingtonChallenge!

Where the money goes

Bea De Schepper, board member of EHA and president of Huntington Liga Belgium, has collected medical equipment from renovated care homes. Beds, chairs, wheelchairs, tables, etc are now stored in Belgium.

We want to give the equipment new life by donating it to Huntington’s disease care homes in Eastern Europe but we need your help to cover transportation costs! One transportation costs between € 3000 to € 4000. The more we get the more equipment we can ship.

The story behind the song

Olivia Sawano is a musician based in Germany. During HD on the Bike 2019, she was asked by EHA to write a song for the Huntington community. She came up with North Star – HD 8890:

“It was in the evening on the 22nd of December 2011 when we stepped outside on the balcony to look at the stars. There are no statistics but it’s safe to say that nobody ever felt worse after looking at the stars. 

When I was collecting ideas for the song, I found out that “HD” was an abbreviation for both Huntington’s disease and a star catalogue. The catalogue is named after Henry Draper who lived at the same time as George Huntington.

I think it is beautiful that now, whenever I see the abbreviation HD, it does not just make me think about Huntington’s disease but also about stars.”


Get the lyrics as a Word document here.