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CHDI News from Palm Springs

In this video ‘Postcard from Palm Springs 2016’, HD family advocate and former NBC reporter Charles Sabine presents highlights from CHDI’s 11th Annual Disease Therapeautics Conference, a Forum for Drug Discovery and Development which ran from February 22nd to 25th 2016 in Palm Springs California. The message is overwhelmingly positive; a ‘new age of hope is dawning’.

Here you can find the video subtitled in many languages.

(Greek, Polish, Russian, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Romanian, Finnish and Dutch) 

Hope for the future

Georg Bernhard Landwehrmeyer is a professor of neurology (clinical neurobiology) at Ulm University in the department of neurology where the central coordination of the European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) is situated. Prof Landwehrmeyer was instrumental in founding EHDN in 2004. He has served as principal investigator in several Huntington’s disease trials and is the principal investigator of Enroll-HD study, a  longitudinal observational study on Huntington’s disease.

Lowering the harmful effects

Sarah Tabrizi has worked on research into neurodegenerative diseases since her PhD at UCL. She has had a major research interest in Huntington’s disease (HD), and Sarah’s team is spearheading a major effort to develop and test new disease-modifying therapies for HD. Among other things, Tabrizi led TRACK-HD, an international study to understand the neurobiology of HD. Her research programme is translating HD research directly from the lab to patients with a programme that is ultimately aimed at preventing the neurodegenerative disease process itself.

Here is a interview with Sarah Tabrizi, first published in Spring 2016 issue of Enroll!

Genetic testing and available treatment