Dear friend,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you to join us at the Vatican for the first ever papal audience with the Huntington’s disease (HD) community on May 18, 2017. Do you want to join us?



Note: The audience is free of charge. 


On this day, Pope Francis will send a message of hope to those affected by HD of every faith and in every corner of the world.

Pope Francis will meet with families affected by HD from South America – where prevalence of the disease is among the world’s highest – to help drive awareness of HD and to lift the stigma around it. The families will join an audience of thousands in what is expect to be the largest gathering of the global HD community to date.

The disease should not be hidden anymore.

The Group who made this possible is a coalition of patient advocates who established –  Hidden No More.  “What I want him to say, in some way, is that the disease should not be hidden anymore,” says gene carrier and global advocate Charles Sabine, one of the organizers. “That`s the theme of the event: that People should not feel any shame or stigma about the disease.”

We are looking forward to it!

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