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The 22-24th of September 2017 the European Huntington Association (EHA) is holding a conference in Bulgaria. Around 250 will join us in Sofia – and we look forward to it!


You can find the program here: 

Program for Sofia Conference: Stronger Together

During our conference you will get the opportunity to meet representatives from the pharma industry, to ask them questions and get updated on ongoing clinical trials and plans for the nearest future.

You will also learn more about life with HD: how to cope with the complexity of the disease, how to provide good care and how to take care of yourself in a challenging daily life.

The conference will address issues such as behavioral changes and how it is to live in an HD family, what kind of health services that exists and how important nutrition and physical activity is. On the research part, we will be updated about current trials and where we might be in the future.

Among our brilliant speakers you will find:

  • Jimmy PollardAmong many other things, Pollard have written the book “Hurry up and wait” – a book about the cognitive difficulties those with HD experience and common problems faced by people impacted by HD.
  • Sarah TabriziTabrizi has conducted research on HD with the aim to ultimately prevent the disease from process itself. You can find a video interview of Tabrizi here.
  • Bernhard Landwehrmeyer: One of the HD communities most loved professors. Landwehrmeyer will give us a general update on the ongoing Research and trials.
  • Ralf Reilman: Neurologist and founder of George Huntington Institute in Munster.  Ralf is involved in most of the clincial trials in HD in Europe.
  • Monica Busse: Busse is Physiotherapist and has done several investigations on the benficial effects of physcial Activity in HD.
  • Alzbeta Muehlbaeck – our own doctor. Muehlbaeck is senior resident of a neuropsychiatric department at a hospital in Germany that serves 20 beds for patients with HD. If you have any questions about HD, you can ask Alzbeta directly here.
  • Amy Merkel: Merkel comes from a HD family and is a yoga teacher. Merkel looks at yoga and mindfulness in the process of taking better care of oneself

We look forward to see you all in Sofia!