Kim is 33 years old. He grew up with his mother who suffered from Huntington’s disease (HD). In 2008 he was diagnosed with the same disease. Kim struggled with depression, anxiety and a negative outlook on the future. Listen to Kim singing his touching message to his daughter below. 

In a period of his life he fell victim to substance abuse. He worried about the disease and how it would evolve – and sometimes he thought that it would be best to just end it all. To end his own life.

Sunniva Ulstein Kayser, who works at NKS Olaviken, together with Kim

In 2015 he found himself at the neuropsychiatric department at NKS Olaviken, close to Bergen, Norway. At the hospital, specialized in psychiatry, he was offered music therapy on an individual and group level. Kim had a love for rap music and started to write songs about his life. He wrote a song to his daughter, which he recorded in a studio and performed at a concert at Olaviken.

To finally be able to express his feelings was something Kim appreciated. Through his songs he gained better mental health and life quality. Through a meaningful activity he kept himself active – which drove him away from the negative state of mind he had previously. He also had a product he was proud of; something he had created. The songs gave him recognition and the texts functioned as a conversation starter with the staff and others at NKS Olaviken.

Note: this story and Kim’s song to his daughter is published with approval from Kim and his family.