Are you between 18 to 35, living in Europe and affected by a neurological disorder? Then you can participate in EFNA’s workshop! Register before September 21st

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The  European Federation  of  Neurological Associations  (EFNA)  is an  umbrella  group representing 20 pan-European neurology patient groups – including the European Huntington Association.

There’s a consensus among EFNA’s members that young people are currently under-represented in their associations.

Increased awareness

EFNA’s recent survey further showed that young people live with a fear of isolation and stigma, and that their fellow peers shows a general lack of understanding when it comes to rare diseases.

Read more: EFNA Survey

In other words: there’s a need for increased awareness. And with your help, this can be achieved.

Patient Advocacy in the Digital World

On Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th, EFNA is arranging a workshop called ‘Patient Advocacy in the Digital World’ in Brussels.

The workshop will cover topics such as How to Influence Change and Lead in Your Community, Working with Patient Organisations, eHealth and Technology-enabled Solutions, Ethics and the Emerging Issues in eHealth and a Value Assessment of Digital Products.

EFNA will provide accommodation and cover travel expenses up to €250. Expenses can be reclaimed following the event.

Click here for the full programme and more information.

Register before September 21st!