Over the last years, May has been Huntington Disease Awareness Month. Starting off at the Huntington’s Society of Canada, Awareness Month and the #LightItUp4HD campaign has grown into a global movement.

During May, buildings, monuments and statues worldwide will be lit up in blue and purple. Blue to raise awareness of Huntington’s disease, purple of Juvenile Huntington’s.

New Associations

May 18 2017, Pope Francis met 2000 people affected by Huntington’s Disease in the Vatican.

The Pope’s main message was to bring Huntington’s disease (HD) out of the darkness and into the light.

Read more: The Day Pope Francis met HD

Two years later, Huntingtonians all over the world are still working on this message. An important part of this work is to establish associations that can contribute with information and help those affected.

Over the last year, many new Huntington associations has been established in Europe. Gran Canaria, Greece and Hungary are countries that just recently got their own association.

Outside European borders, people are working on establishing associations in India, Egypt, Brazil and Kenya among many. In addition, the Arabic Huntington Association was established one year ago.

Break down stigma

The European Huntington Association kicked off the awareness month with HD on the Bike. Today, May 1, we participated with our own cycle team at Škoda Velotour in Frankfurt, Germany.

May 18-19, HD on the Bike Italy edition, will take place in Firenze.

You can read more about the race here (in Italian): Italian HD on the Bike

Together we want to raise awareness and break down stigma!

How to get involved?

Join awareness month by lighting up your home and share your photos on social media using #LightItUp4HD.

You can also raise awareness on social media by adding the facebook frame created by the Huntington Society of Canada to your profile picture here: Facebook frame