Initiated by the Huntington’s Disease Association of Cyprus, dental hygienist and newly elected chairperson of the Swedish Huntington Association, Annette Carlsson, held a webinar on oral care and Huntington’s disease 8th of October.

Resources below!

More than sixty people attended the webinar to learn more about oral care in people with Huntington’s disease. 

Among the participants were family members, people working with the disease and people who did not know anything about Huntington’s but wanted to learn more about it. 

The attendees asked a lot of interesting and important questions and Annette gave thorough answers. 

The webinar was really engaging and informative. After the event, one of the attendees wrote this on the European Huntington Association’s facebook page: 

– It was, indeed, a fantastic webinar. 

– When care staff are concerned about residents’ anger, apathy, irritation, non-compliance and even aggression, it’s always important to look into their mouths. Again, such an important topic…well done to all!!!

The webinar was originally planned to be recorded and then shared on our website. However, due to some technical difficulties and human misunderstandings, we failed to do so.

We have therefore arranged with Annette to run the webinar a second time 5. May 2021. We’re already looking forward to it! 

In the meantime, you can have a look at the resources Annette mentioned in her webinar:

Oral care programme for people with Huntington Disease | by Mun-H-Center

Assistive Devices | by Mun-H-Center (Can be ordered)

How to Brush Teeth | by Annette Carlson(photos)

Positioning Cushions for the dental chair | by the Cobi Rehab