The Inherited Shame (Video!)

Thorvald Steen did not know he had an uncle with the same disease as him. In this interview, he talks about when he found out about having a genetic disease and how to cope.

Thorvald Steen was born in 1954, in Oslo, Norway. He grew up with his mother and grandmother. He didn’t know anything about his grandfather – a man who died many years prior to his birth – or his uncle.

Thorvald believed his mother was an only child, until one day, when he was 59 years old, and received a phone call from an unknown woman. 

To dive deeper into his family history – and to try to explain what shame is – Thorvald has been writing several novels based on his own experiences with genetic illness and secrets.

In Part I of “The Inherited Shame”, the author talks about when he first found out about having inherited a genetic disease: FacioscapulohumeralWatch it here:

In Part II of “The Inherited Shame”, Thorvald Steen talks about how to cope with having a genetic disease: how important it was to open up to close friends and how he was able to see his own strengths instead of limitations. Watch it here: