Another set-back for HD research was announced by Novartis on August 8. The Vibrant-HD trial has stopped dosing due to the fact that some of the trial participants have exeperienced negative effects in the nerve system outside the brain.

Novartis provided a community letter regarding Vibrant HD clinical trial updates. In this letter, they explained that Novartis has decided to temporarily suspend the dosing of the study drug VIBRANT-HD study of branaplam in adults with Huntington’s Disease. This decision was made because early signs of side effects were seen in some participants in the trial.
Novartis also wish to highlight how grateful they are to the people participating, and their families, and how important it is for those in the study to continue to be assessed. With this participation, the community will add to the body of knowledge about HD, help continue progress toward new treatments, and assist
us in making the best decisions regarding the future development of branaplam.
It was really hard to read the news this morning. A set-back like this is hard to swallow and I want to cry. But I remind myself that there is a lot of promising projects ongoing and I have no doubt in my mind that there will be developed effective treatments. I want to say a big, big THANK YOU to all the people who are participating in this and other trials. – Says Astri Arnesen, president of EHA
We are learning valuable lessons from all trials, also those who experience set-backs. We need to continue to support each other in managing the disappointments and to keep mobilizing for continued efforts until the goal is reached – effective treatments for HD.