We would greatly appreciate the help of the European HD community in making a joint action in the recruitment of the SOM3355 trial. Efficient and timely recruitment equals faster results. Currently in Europe the only course of treatment for chorea is Tetrabenazine which has several negative side effects and limited efficacy for most patients. SOM3355, as a drug has been used for many years for a different disease. Positive results can hopefully lead to faster approval.

Let us use this opportunity for those who are interested and are able to give ourselves and the entire HD community a Christmas present:  A fully recruited clinical trial within the next couple of months! 

Here is the challenge:


We are looking for people diagnosed with HD and having involuntary movements (chorea).


SomBiotech has a trial to test a drug named SOM3355 to see if it can treat chorea in HD patients. 




Get in touch with the clinic closest to your home and see if you are eligible to participate in the trial. 

More information about SOM3355 clinical trial

We met with Dr Catherine Scart, Chief Medical Officer at SOM Biotech, during the EHDN 2022 Conference in Bologna and we asked her some questions about the new Phase 2b trial for Huntington’s Disease (HD) called SOM3355. This study wants to assess the efficacy to reduce chorea (involuntary movements) in HD patients. SOM Biotech started recruiting participants in 22 sites in 7 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the UK). They are using an oral drug called Bevantolol, which has been used for 30 years by more than 2.5 million people with no reported psychiatric side effects. Learn more about the trial here: