The EHA Conference 2023 “Knowledge, Empathy and Empowerment” took place in Blankenberge (Belgium), from October 19th to 22nd. This was a great opportunity to connect with the HD global community, learn about HD care and treatment and how to cope with living with HD. 

The conference was open to everyone who lives with HD in their family or is interested in HD as a healthcare professional, friend, relative or volunteer. 


eha conference main video

Relive the incredible moments from EHA Conference 2023 in Belgium! Our recap video is here, packed with all the highlights, memories, and cherished moments from the conference sessions, meetings and activities.

🙌 A united community for a united action.

The Many Faces of HD

Different stories bring different perspectives and they all add up to what it can be like to cope with HD. This was one of the highlights of the conference, as the attendees had the privilege to listen to the real-life experiences of brave HD advocates about being gene-positive, gene-negative, dealing with HD symptoms, caring for someone with HD, and being a person at risk. 💚 Thank you to Bruce, Javier, Rob, Saija and Tess for sharing their inspiring stories with us!

Music Therapy with Marlies Brandt

During the EHA Conference 2023 in Belgium, Marlies gave some Music Therapy classes, where the participants had the opportunity to play with some instruments and share their stories.

“Music therapy is good for your brain because, when given assignments, the patients have to think, concentrate, memorize, take initiative, which stimulates their brain”, explains Marlies.


We asked some of the EHA Conference speakers to make their presentations available to everyone. 

What are the needs of the younger generations affected by HD and how can we best support them? The Moving Forward Project

Session speakers: Filipa Júlio, Ruth Blanco, Julie Skarberg, Luis Aguilar and Olivier Graf

Online Training for Caregivers

Session speakers: Carina Hvalstedt and John Gregor


Special thank you to the International Huntington Association team and Arie Roelandt from Huntington Liga for sharing their photos with us too! You can find here all the photos we took during the conference sessions, meetings, and social activities. See you next time!

October 20th

Throughout the first day of Conference we had some incredible sessions about the HD gene discovery, the many faces of HD, and the importance of communication in HD care. After lunch we had the parallel sessions; One group discuss about being an HD family member and having babies, and the second group talked about the difficult decisions as HD progress.
We also enjoyed the evening social activities, singing the North Star song, playing instruments at the music therapy workshop, learning about archaeology and photography in the “abandonment” activity and having fun at the football match.

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October 21th

The second day started with several working groups; The Physiotherapy EHDN Working Group, Huntington Liga HD day for families, Norwegian HD Network and Multidisciplinary treatment and care EHDN working group. Followed by some support groups for family members, the Moving Forward session about the needs of the younger generations affected by HD, and the Online Training course for caregivers.

After a deserved break, we enjoyed some social and self-care activities. This time we had a great time watching the documentary from France “Jusqu’en haut avec lui”, doing the psychotherapy role play and practicing Qigong.

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October 22nd

The last day of the conference was dedicated to research and professional sessions. We started with a session about clinical trial updates (with the participation of Roche, UniQure, PTC Therapeutics, Wave Life Science and Prilenia), and a discussion panel on ongoing and upcoming HD trials.

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