The European Elections Will Be Held From The 6th To The 9th Of June Across The Eu.

This week will be an important one for the future of the EU. The 705 Members of the European Parliament, who will be in charge of decision and policymaking for the next five years, will be elected by the citizens who show up to vote.

Communities who battle with rare and neurological diseases need politicians to be aware of their day to day reality. Therefore, from EHA we encourage you to find the candidates in your country who have shown they understand the importance of the future of our healthcare and show up to vote. You can consult the specific date(s) of the elections in your country in the figure below and learn more on how to vote in your country by clicking here.

Past, present and future initiatives

One specific example of the European initiatives that have helped us as a community was the creation of European Reference Networks (ERNs), which are cooperation platforms that bring together over 900 specialists from 26 countries for the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases. You can learn more about ERNs in your local language here.


A few days ago we had the opportunity to visit the Center for Rare Movement Disorders Innsbruck, which is part of the ERNs and saw how beneficial these initiatives can be for the community. For example, they have a rehabilitation department with a walking and gait training device/program.

Other initiatives that influence the life of HD families:

  • The European Accessibility Act, which is a directive that aims to make products and services more accessible in the market with competitive prices, and having fewer barriers when accessing transport, education, and healthcare.


  • The European Parking Card for persons with disabilities, which will replace national parking cards and guarantee the use of parking spaces and facilities reserved for persons with disabilities in all EU countries. 


  • The European Disability Card, which will complement the national disability cards and grant equal access to special conditions and preferential treatments anywhere in the EU.


These are only a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to have a say in the future of the 450 million European citizens, of which 30 million battle with rare diseases. As we like to say, “Vote with your brain! Vote for your brain!”.

– Article written by Jarelys López