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Are you our new Web Editor?

Our longtime web editor is leaving us for new challenges. Now we are looking for someone who has personal experience with Huntington’s disease, can fill this position and work half time or more.  This job consists of two main parts: 1) Administering our website ( in addition to other channels (such as social media), and 2) Produce…
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Moving Forward – A new project

We have just launched a project called “Moving Forward” where we aim to mobilise people at risk or presymptomatic to become more involved in Huntington research. Moving Forward was launched by the European Huntington Association a few weeks ago. The project aims at mobilising people at risk for Huntington’s disease and people who are presymptomatic in…
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PTC Therapeutics has started in-human Huntington’s disease trial

Two days ago, PTC Therapeutics announced that the drug candidate PTC518 has entered into a “Phase 1 Clinical Trial”. The initial results are expected in the first half of 2021.  PTC518 is an orally bioavailable molecule. In other words, the drug candidate is administered in the form of a pill taken through the mouth.  In…
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VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE: Discuss how to ensure better access to care!

You are invited to discuss how to ensure better access to care, services and treatment for all patients affected by Huntington’s Disease and other Rare Neurological Diseases. Join us for the multi-stakeholder Virtual Roundtable on Thursday 3. December 2020! The roundtable discussion will bring together a variety of stakeholders: representatives from European Huntington’s Disease Network,…
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Huntington’s Disease Podcast

The HD Insights Podcast by the Huntington Study Group is an interview series with the people working in Huntington’s disease research and treatments.  The Huntington Study Group is a non-profit research organisation formed in 1993 – the same year as the Huntington’s disease (HD) gene was discovered.  Learn more: The Insight Podcast The group is dedicated…
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Autumn News from the European Huntington Association

Join webinars, get updated on the latest research and learn more about our new project Moving Forward! Read our Autumn Newsletter! Click here.

The DOMINO-HD study: What is it and why are we doing it?

DOMINO-HD is a European study funded by the EU Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Disease. The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between genetic and lifestyle factors and Huntington’s disease symptom progression. Written by Dr. Cheney Drew Research has shown that the rate of decline in people with Huntington’s disease (HD) can be…
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Moving Forward: Towards a Future with Effective Treatment for Huntington’s Disease

We are launching “Moving Forward”. The new project aims at including people from Huntington’s disease families in drug development by facilitating an active and long-lasting commitment from patients and family members. Written by Filipa Júlio, Project Manager in Moving Forward Between September 2016 and December 2019, the European Huntington Association (EHA) has run multiple European and…
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Novartis plans to start in-human Huntington’s disease trial in 2021

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis is currently developing a pill for Huntington’s disease. Two days ago, the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, granted an Orphan Drug Designation for the drug.  The drug is called branaplam (LMI070) and is administered in the form of a pill that you take through your mouth.  At the moment,…
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Two new participants have enrolled in gene therapy trial

In June, two people enrolled in the first gene therapy trial for Huntington’s disease. Now, two more participants have joined the study uniQure states in a new press release.  UniQure is currently developing a gene therapy for Huntington’s disease. The drug candidate is called AMT-130 and is a gene therapy. In other words, it seeks to…
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