Photo exhibition ‘Abandonment: From Landscapes to Mindscapes’

‘Abandonment’ may take different forms and faces Intentionally or unintentionally, we often abandon places, objects, humans or ourselves. Abandonment becomes even more brutal when it involves a life-changing and mind-changing condition such as Huntington’s Disease.  For many years, the European Huntington Association (EHA) has met people who found ways to turn their experiences of sorrow […]

Adoption of the Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and other Neurological Disorders

We are delighted to support today’s announcement of the Global Action Plan on #Epilepsy & Neurological Disorders at the World Health Assembly The European Federation of Neurological Associations – EFNA, along with members of the OneNeurology partnership which EFNA co-founded, celebrates a major milestone for all those affected by neurological disorders today, with the adoption of the […]


We know that many HD families and patients are struggling to get the care and support they need. But we don’t know where the gaps are. How is this for you? Do you get what you need and is it easy to access? The European Huntington Association (EHA) has been working on an online survey […]

First European HD patients has been dosed with Uniqure’s gene therapy 

First week of February another exciting step in HD research was taken, as the first two European patients were given Uniqure’s gene therapy in the ongoing Phase I/II trial.  The drug is named AMT-130.   Uniqure started the trial in the United States last year and is happy to be able to dose the first European […]

A new dawn for Tominersen

Some mornings are better than others and Tuesday January 18th was definitely one of the really good ones as I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and the news that Roche has decided to do another Phase II trial with Tominersen.  The decision is based upon the analyses made from data collected in the Generation […]

Generation HD1 – what does the data tell us?

ZOOM WEBINAR: Monday January 24th , 6 pm Central European time After several months digging into all the information collected in the Generation HD1 trial Roche is ready tell us about their findings in a webinar organized by EHA in collaboration with Roche and EHDN. Lauren Boak, PhD and Peter McColgan, MD, PhD from Roche […]

A new dawn for neurological diseases on the horizon

Our voice on behalf of people with neurological diseases (ND) has been heard! EU has decided to include ND on the list of health care priorities. This paves the way for a better future also for Huntington patients. For many years the public health priorities have primarily been focusing on cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes.  The […]

Consortium meeting in Prague October 1st 2021

1st of October the Healthe-rnd consortium was finally able to meet again face-to-face in Prague.  Most of the partners were able to attend despite the ongoing restrictions due to the pandemic.  The ones who couldn’t make it to Prague attended on Zoom. It was great to see each other again and also meet new faces as […]

EHDN Virtual Conference – September 2021

EHDN Online Plenary Meeting 2021 – Having listened to the presentations about ongoing and upcoming clinical trials during the EHDN virtual conference has filled me with renewed enthusiasm and energy – Says Astri Arnesen, EHA President . We were all hit by the setbacks in Roche and Waves trials earlier this year. But during the […]