Day 1

Our family with Huntington’s disease  
Fiona & Alexandra Cachia

What is good care?
Anne Lennon Bird

How can we contribute in research?
Dina de Sousa 

Talking about HD in the family
Paul de Sousa 

Day 2

Sexuality and Huntington’s disease
Alzbeta Mühlbäck

Coping with HD – how to mobilise your strengths
Rhona MacLeod & Mariangels Ferrer Duch

Sensory Stimulation Therapy
Hanne Kristin Sigmond

Oral Care
Annette Carlsson

Music Therapy
Sunniva Ulstein Kayser (Norway)

Music Therapy

Monique van Bruggen-Rufi (The Netherlands)

Day 3

Dina de Sousa speaking about contributing in research.


EHA Conference 2023 in Belgium

From 19-22nd of October in Blankenberge

The EHA Conference is only a few weeks away, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about HD care and treatment and how to cope living with HD. Get ready for a variety of social and physical activities to get to know new people, learn and enjoy being part of a global community.