It is important to try and stay as physically active as you can during this time – both for your physical and mental health. Most countries now allow people to go for a walk, run or bike and you can do so while maintaining social distancing. Social distance means only coming in close contact with members of your household and keeping at least 1 or 2 metre distance between yourself and others.

Unless you are instructed otherwise by your local government, you can therefore go for a walk together with a friend or family member, bike etc. For those at particularly high risk, there are many indoor activities you can do!


In November, physiotherapist Stella van der Niet told us more about why it is important to stay active – also in these corona times – and gave us some really good tips and tricks!



In April, Dr Una Jones at Cardiff University gave a webinar on exercises you can do from home! Click here to discover the resources mentioned in the webinar.

The European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) Physiotherapy Working Group have some suggestions for exercises to do every day: 

We would like to share some information with you that you may find useful to help you stay as as active as possible during this time. We believe that it is important for you to do some structured exercise every day to help you maintain strength and balance.

We hope the booklet enclosed (see below) will give you some ideas of exercises that you can do at home. These have been specifically developed for people with Huntington’s disease (HD). You can also find videos showing you how to do these exercise.

Our advice is to choose at least 2 or 3 exercises from each section of the booklet: flexibility and warm up; balance and co-ordination; circuit resistance training; strength training and the cool down. You can do these exercises 2 to 3 times per day.

Remember to get up and walk about as much as you are able. If you have the opportunity, walk outside for a bit.