5th October 2022 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

After these hard weeks for the Huntington’s Disease Community, we start September with renewed strength and hope!

The European Huntington Association in collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, announces an Online Webinar on the progress of their Phase 2 clinical trial which is just about starting up here in Europe.

The trial and treatment approach will be presented by professor Sarah Tabrizi from University College London.  She will tell us more about the compound ‘PTC518’, a small molecule developed to reduce the production of mutated huntingtin (mHtt)   As most of you know mHtt leads to the injury and death of neurons, which again results in the disease progression.  After Tabrizi’s presentation there will be time for questions and comments and discussion.  For this part of the webinar Brian Beers, Global Project Leader and Amy-Lee Bredlau, Sr Dir Clinical Development from PTC will be participating.

We hope you will use the opportunity to learn about this exciting trial and approach to treat Huntington’s Disease!

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