Results of Wave’s huntingtin lowering trial explained – video!

Just before the new year, Wave Life Sciences announced that the drug in their huntingtin lowering trial, PRECISION-HD2, had successfully lowered the concentration of mutant huntingtin protein, while healthy huntingtin was left unchanged. Video below! Why is this so exciting? To put it simply: if you inherit Huntington’s disease, you have one sick gene and one healthy gene. Both genes code for a […]

A letter from Roche

Roche Pharmaceuticals is currently working on their Huntingtin Lowering drug, RG6042 (formerly known as IONIS-HTTRx). In the letter Patient Partnership Director, Mai-Lise Nguyen, write about the company and their philosophy on working with the HD patient community. On behalf of the Roche HD team Nguyen writes: – Since taking over development of RG6042 from Ionis […]

Amazing news – drug seems to improve symptoms

Yesterday Ionis Pharmaceutical presented new data from their Huntingtin lowering trial, IONIS-HTTRx. The data demonstrates a relationship between reduction of the disease-causing  Huntingtin protein and improved symptoms for people with early stage Huntington’s Disease. After 3 months of treatment, the patients seems to benefit from the drug – now known as RG6042. This is very […]